Are all of the photos displayed on your website actually yours?

Yes! All of the photos displayed on this website, were captured and edited by Adrian personally.  We don't even use images taken by our second photographers, unless specified. (They are generally for our clients only)  Not only that ...... all of our images displayed are from real people, in real weddings, under real circumstances.  We have not used images taken from "style" shoots, where all of the lighting and conditions are controlled and by using "models" as our subjects.

If we book Mayers Photography for our wedding, will we get Adrian as the main photographer?

Yes! We do not book more than one wedding on any particular day, so to insure Adrian is the main photographer for each and every wedding.  We do not believe it is fair for the client when they are paying for a particular photographer for their wedding, only to be told the main photographer for their day will be another staff member or sub-contractor.  

How long will it take for me to get the completed photos after the actual wedding day?

It normally takes us around 2-4 weeks (up to 6 weeks during busy wedding season) to complete the cleaning up and editing of the photos. This can vary a bit, depending on how busy we are around that time. With your permission, we try to get a hand full of photos done a day or two after the wedding, to display on our Facebook page, for you to get a sneak peek (and share with your family and friends if you like). If you are ordering a photobook, it normally takes an extra two weeks to get that back also. So with a photobook please allow around 4-5 weeks (up to 7 weeks) in total. Once again this can vary depending on how many recent bookings we have had to complete, but rest assured, we are doing our very best to return your finished product as soon as we can.

How many photos can we expect to get from our Wedding?

In most cases you will receive anywhere from 1000-1300 photos. (For a full day booking) This can vary quite a bit from wedding to wedding depending on the day, if you have requested one or two photographers, and how long we are there for. We do guarantee you will receive a minimum of 600 images for a full day booking!  This will also normally consist of a range of "black and white" and photos with other types of effects applied. You will receive your photos on a USB memory stick, in high resolution, capable of being displayed on large prints and canvases.

How many images can we expect in our Photo Book?

Once again, this can vary a bit, but generally there will be 200-250 images in the photo book and around 40-50 pages. There will be a few full page images (or near full page), some medium size images and a fair amount of smaller images, depending on the page layouts and how we can make it work the best. If you’d like to get an idea of layout, please contact us, as there is normally a link to a previous album we can send you to see for yourself.

What can we expect from you as our photographer, on the actual day?

We tend to just “go with the flow” on the day. We have a professional, yet fun and relaxed approach, and tend to just float around on the day to capture the "in-the-moment” shots. We still try to organise and compose a fair range of “formal” photos and will try any ideas you are keen to try, but we find the natural shots are quite often the best. Our goal is to capture your day, as it happened and how it will be remembered.  In the end, it is your day ....... tell us what you are after, and we will do our best to accomodate your preferences.

I need to cancel the booking …… Is my deposit refundable?

Normally the deposit is not refundable. Weddings are normally booked a fair time in advance and by holding the date for you could mean we are missing out on another booking if you cancel your booking with us. In the event the wedding is re-scheduled, the deposit is held and is still considered as payment towards your new booking.  If you have paid more than the deposit amount at the time of cancellation, all extra payments above the original deposit amount will be refunded. However, If we are able to re-book that same date, we will then refund ALL amounts paid, including your deposit.

How much time will we need for photos between the ceremony and reception?

The more the better! In the end it depends on what you would like to do. If you would like to try a few different locations, and lots of ideas, I would recommend at least around two hours if possible. If you would like only a few photos at a location nearby, around 1 hour should be enough. It depends on how quickly we can get the group and family photos done also.

I am camera shy and don’t normally like being photographed, but still want the nicest possible photos of the day ...... how do I deal with this?

This is quite common in wedding photography. We try to give you all the space we can, but still be around to get those shots. We are sensitive to how you are feeling about us being there and ease you into the photography side of things. Most camera shy clients tend to be a bit nervous early on and then relax a lot more with the camera as the day gets going.

How can we get the most out of your time, with us, on the day?

One of the biggest challenges and time consuming events on the day can be the group and family shots. These are very important for most couples, but can also eat a lot into time that could be used for bridal party and couple photos. We highly recommend you assign a close friend or family member that can “round up” the family/friends you would like for group photos after the ceremony. We normally work from the largest groups down so there are not too many guests having to hang around for too long waiting to get photos taken. It is also a good idea to have a list organised before the day, of the family or friend groups you would like photos of.

Should we make our wedding an ‘Unplugged” wedding?

From our side of things we would recommend an unplugged wedding. Ultimately though, It is your day and totally up to you and what you would prefer. It is fairly common these days to have photos of your ceremony plastered all over Facebook before it is even over and we are noticing an increasing number of guests focusing more on their phones and getting “selfies” rather than enjoying the moment. (This includes bridesmaids and groomsmen) We can also show you many potentially beautiful photos that were spoilt, normally during the ceremony, by guests sticking their phones in front of the camera to get their own shots. In saying that, some couples are really keen for photos to be on social media straight away, and for guests to take heaps of photos, so it’s totally up to you! In the end, it is your day and we will work with what you are happy with.

What if it rains on the day? Will our photos be ruined?

No! While you have a smile on your face, your photos will never be ruined. We capture the day as it is, rain, hail, snow or shine. We also do our very best to make the most out of any situation and recommend you do the same. We find that normally the quality of photos are effected more by the attitude of the subjects, than what the weather is like. Stunning photos can be taken in almost any weather conditions.

What if after we book a certain package with you, our circumstances change and we would like to upgrade or downgrade our package deal?

No problem! Regardless if you have booked us for an "Elopement" package, or a "Love Story" package, we have set the entire day aside for you. You may change your package deal at anytime.  The only issue may be if at late notice you would like to include a second photographer. We will do our very best to accomodate this, but it would depend on the availability of our second shooters.

What if you increase your prices after we book you in ..... will we have to pay more than first agreed?

No! Once you book us in at a particular price that is what you pay. We try to keep our prices as low and affordable as possible, but if we need to increase our prices, your total will not be effected and it only effects future bookings. If you decide to alter your package, (ie: add a photobook, longer/shorter hours or include a second photographer) we will still honour the prices for those changes as they were, when you first booked with us.

What if you, as our photographer, need to cancel your booking with us?

Fortunately, to this day, we have not needed to cancel on any clients.  It would only be extreme circumstances that would force us to have to do this.  In the unlikely event we are forced to cancel with you, ALL payments made to us will be refunded in FULL ..... including your deposit.  We will also do our very best to help you find you a suitable replacement photographer.

We hope this helped to answer some questions you may have had. If you have more, please do not hesitate to ask!