Our Journey So Far ......

Adrian Mayers - Owner / Operator

After I was born in Melbourne in 1974, my parents purchased an Upholstery business and moved to Toowoomba when I was one year old.  Apart from a few years in Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast (in my late 20's-early 30's), this was to be my home  to this very day.  While at school, I lived for sport, and had no real idea what I wanted to persue as my choice of career beyond high-school.

At the completion of year 12, I started an apprenticeship in upholstery with my father, which I completed four years later. After a few stints at running my own upholstery business in Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast, I returned home, to Toowoomba, to work for my brother-in-law, who had since purchased the upholstery business from my father.

Then I met Lauren ...... my now wife, best friend and light of my life!  Not too long after the birth of our son (youngest of our three awesome kids), we made the decision for Lauren to return to her passion as a teacher, and I was to become the stay-at-home Dad.  It was during this time I really started to take many photos of my son as a baby. This is when my love for photography began!

Mayers Photography - How It All Began 

Once my passion for photography had been discovered, I was really keen to try and turn this into a way of generating a little extra income to aid the houshold budget. After all, everyone dreams of a career doing something they love, right?  

I started out learning all that I could, through self discovery and online education, about all of the ins and outs of a camera, and how to most effectively use one.  Not too long after that, I felt I was going along quite well, learning many aspects and improving my knowlege of photography. I was ready to take it to the next level !

January 01, 2015, "Mayers Photography" was born! I was ready to throw myself into the deep end and start taking photos for a living!  Then reality hit ....... this was not going to be as smooth sailing as I hoped it might be.  I soon discovered how technically difficult, challenging and demanding professional and commercial photography actually is.

After completing a few family shoots and then my first wedding as Mayers Photography later in 2015, I was on my way.  It was at this point, for the first time ever, I knew I had found the career I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  As a portrait, family and wedding photographer, you are in charge of capturing memories people will be holding onto and cherrishing for the rest of their lives.  How awesome is that?

Our goal, whether it is portraits, a family shoot, maternity or wedding photography, is to make our clients glad they chose us! If we can achieve this each and every single time, it would make us very proud and we'd consider Mayers Photography a success!

Mayers Photography - Progress Update October 2018: 

It is now just over 3 years since shooting my first wedding and WOW, what an awesome ride it has been.  I have now photographed over 60 weddings, learned so much, gained invaluable experience and had an absolute blast along the way.  Yes, I realise there will always be plenty more to learn and there is always room for improvement, but I also feel I have come a long way in a reletively short time.  I loved every wedding I have had the privilege to be a part of and look forward to so many more in the future.  With the goal of shooting around 40 weddings per year, I am well on my way to where I'd love the business to be. Infact, with the momentum Mayers Photography is gaining, I believe 2019 is looking strong to reach that target which would also result in us cracking the 100 weddings milestone next year.  A big thank you must go out to all of the couples that have trusted me to capture their special day.